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Windows 8 Apps

We've been working on some Windows 8 apps while we wait for the new Windows Phone 8 development tools to be released. First off we've created an easy to use file browser centered around touch input. Secondly we've also re-made Emoji Keys for Windows 8 since its going so well on the phone. And lastly just for fun we've created a simple countown clock you can put up on your second monitor, or dock to the side.
App Theming

Its been a long break over the new year getting new apps out there but we've come around again to add some core features to our existing apps including themes that will eventually be in all our apps. The theme is accessable from the settings page and allows you to set a background image, set the accent color and the font color. If you want to check it out its live in files and will soon be in Emoji Keys as well.
Timeline Now Available!

Our new app Timeline is now available to download. It took a bit longer then we hopped to get up on the marketplace thanks to the holidays but we hope you enjoy it. Let us know any way we can improve it on twitter or by emailing
New Site

As you can see we have just finished work on our new site. Its a lot cleaner with a lot more information and social features, with great information about the apps which we will add extra sections too in the future such as comming soon and currently working on features.
Great New App Idea

We started work today on a new app that allows you to make these really cool looking metro style timelines. We're also planning on creating a free hosting service for the app so you can share what you create with others. Just upload it from the app and send the link to your friends.
We'll let you know more soon once we sort out the details ourselves :)